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TTG and Safety (Speed) Camera
You asked if a 128MB card will hold the speed camera db. I just installed it onto the original GB disk last night. It works fine

Posted by Helpful Fellow on 7/1/2005
128mb & speed trap info
Yes - plenty of room for speed camera info with the supplied card - so long as you delete the voice files you don\'t need - eg all the foreign languages - you can do this from the main menu when you connect the TTG to your PC & run the supplied software.

Posted by Philip on 7/1/2005
Speed Camera
I've seen lots of posts about speed cameras.
Can someone please tell me how to install these speed cameras onto my TomTom Go?
Many thanks.

Posted by Geoff on 8/1/2005
Speed Cameras
there's an "Idiots Guide to installing Speed Cameras on TomTom Go" link on every page! :) (not that i'm suggestig you're an idiot of course)


Posted by Dave on 8/1/2005
TomTom KeyGen
Anyone know of a tomtom go key gen??

Posted by paddy on 8/1/2005
TomTom POIs
Great site with many tomtom POI : http://www.poihandler.com/

Posted by Mike on 8/1/2005
tom tom repair
Where do you send A TOM TOM for repair.

Posted by tony on 9/1/2005
re: tomtom repair
Out of interest what's wrong with your tomtom?
TomTom's site has some info on repairs... here's the link : http://www.tomtom.com/support/rightnow.php?p_prod_lvl1=%7Eany%7E&p_new_search=&p_search_type=&p_search_text=repair

Posted by Dave on 9/1/2005
Tom Tom Photo Competition
We've just added a new feature to the site called "Me and My TomTom". We want you to take a photo of your TomTom on the road, in your car, on a walk - wherever. The weirder or funnier the better - but a picture of it stuck to the dash of your Ford Focus will do just fine too.

Here's an example to get you going

We've decided to offer a prize for the best picture submitted. You've got until 31st January 2005 to enter. The best picture, as judged by us at Street Finder, will win something cool (remember to enter your email address when you submit the photo if you want to be considered for the prize)

So get snapping with your digital cameras and submit them to the gallery!

Click here to view and submit photos

Posted by Dave on 9/1/2005
Does anyone know if Eire is covered by Great Britain or Western Europe map software?

Posted by Pete on 17/1/2005
safety camera data base
I would like to down load safety camera location details for TomTom Go

Posted by Paul Butcher on 18/1/2005
Tom tom Blown up!
hi guys, I accidentally had my Tom Tom Go blown up - by the voltage setting on a universal car adapter being set to high. Does anyone know anywhere that repairs these, or do you think it is permanently damaged?? thanks in advance...:)

Posted by Neil on 30/1/2005
Tom Tom repair
Ouch bad luck! TomTom's site has some info on repairs... here's the link : Here's the link

Posted by Dave on 30/1/2005
No, EIRE is not covered, something to do with the mapping data.

Posted by Frank Butcher on 31/1/2005
Europe Maps
Driving from Uk to Spain, Italy, Portugal & switzerland, will the basic "GO" have adequate maps for these areas or d I need a GPS with full European coverage

Posted by Alan R on 4/2/2005
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