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Another TomTom price drop
As if Amazon weren't low enough already - I've just heard they've dropped the TomTom price to 409.98

check out Amazon's TomTom here

Posted by Dave on 8/12/2004
speed camera detection
Somone has told me that if the device is set to detect cameras "on route" it won't detect cameras on the central reservations or facing forward. Is this correct or what is the best setting to make sure All cameras are detected ?

Posted by Bill Pledge on 8/12/2004
Camera Updates
Andy supplies a link in his excellent Idiots guide to installing Camera POI to a zip file. If this is used in the future is it always up to date or is this link/file just a one off ??

Posted by Bill Pledge on 9/12/2004
Speed Cameras
Can anyone give me a site to download the B------ things to my TTG, This is a great bit of kit, I just need to improve it!.

Posted by Douglas on 9/12/2004
TomTom Go aviation
does anyone know if there are any aviation maps available for the tomtom go cause i need a gps unit for my private flying in the uk

Posted by Niz on 10/12/2004
Update to 4.42
I received my TTG today and it has v.4.400 installed. The web site tells me to update to v.4.42. Reading on the net it seems that numerous people have tried this and experienced problems whereby their SD card has had a red cross on it and the system doesnt work. Should I update or leave be or should I expect bother. Thanks.

Posted by Bill Pledge on 11/12/2004
TomTom T3 update POI for speed cameras
I've got the Bluetooth version of TomTom for my Palm T3. I downloaded the zip file of the speed camera POIs. Is there a way I can update the TomTom SD card with this info? I love the system by the way. Paying 230 to get navigation this good is fantastic. Its ETAs are usually within 1 minute, regardless of traffic conditions as it continually updates them. I have had some difficulty in getting the Bluetooth to pick up but found this may be because I also have my Palm set to pick up my Bluetooth phone. Provided I set the Palm specifically to look for TomTom before I try to connect, that seems to work. The picture on the landscape mode on the T3 is superb, and the voice is as good as any expensive Satnav I've seen. My other gripe is that the suction card isn't sticking to the screen and I'd like to know of any way to get the housing mounted on the dash without having to put on industrial strength glue which I then won't be able to remove when I sell the car.

Posted by Judy on 12/12/2004
Even lower!
TomTom's are now 399 at Amazon!!! link to amazon's TomTom

Posted by Dave on 12/12/2004
RE: Camera Updates
That camera link is dated Oct 2004 (I think!) The link should always contain the latest file... if not I'll provide the latest links in this message board.

Posted by Andy on 12/12/2004
Update to 4.42
There are reports that the latest version 4.42 offers nothing new over 4.40.
TomTom Support say : "TomTom GO Update 4.42 is an internal administrative version number update. The Update contains no new features and there is no need to update version 4.40"

if you're happy with 4.40 I'd stick with that - If it aint broke don't fix it.

Posted by Dave on 12/12/2004
Thx for the help. Updated firmware and installed cameras with no trouble at all. Only one glitch, GPS shows a box when I am at home as Bentley (Warwickshire) not Yorkshire which is correct. The map is OK just the name in the box is incorrect. Any ideas for a fix ??

Posted by on 13/12/2004
Tom Tom Go
Can you enter a postcode destination with TTG?

Posted by DavidV on 14/12/2004
TomTom Go
Got mine delivered yesterday and it's an absolute breeze to use!

Posted by Albourneboy on 15/12/2004
Speed cameras on TomTomGo
Cheers to Andy for details posted 11/11/04 on how to install speed cameras as POI\'s-works a treat-and shows how sneaky some hidden camera installations are (like behind a tree or bush) question..are details updated very often, and where?

Posted by Barry on 22/12/2004

Posted by BRIAN BLANCHARD on 3/1/2005
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