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amazon still cheaper than dixons
haha just goes to show how much dixons have been ripping us off. But even with 80 cut they're still more expensive than amazon.

if you check out amazon's tomtom page at www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN%2FB0002I8VLK
theres a button to let them know if you've found it cheaper any where else, dunno if they'll match it though. shows how eager they are to stay the cheapest anyhow.

Posted by dave on 30/11/2004
Would this be a good Christmas present ?
Its my boyfriend's birthday over christmas so I want to get him something really special, I've been looking at this Tom Tom thing and it seems to get good reviews, but I've really got no idea about this hi tech stuff, do you think it would make a good present, or is it something people use more for business? We do travel a lot together and have been known to get lost, can anyone let me know what they think, would you be made up if you got one for Christmas, its a lot of money and I don't want to make a mistake.

Posted by Louise Wilson on 1/12/2004
Good christmas present ?
Blimey ! If my girlfriend gets me a Tom Tom for Christmas, believe me it'll make my christmas !!!! Go get it girl !

Posted by Sean on 1/12/2004
Plan cross border and signal
Plan cross border and signal Just bought the Tomtom go and out of the 100 km I did, I only had a signal outside the city and sometimes even lost connection to the SAT. Disappointing that is, I read some windshields block the signal which is probably the case here. Tomtom offers an external antenna, but this means extra wires :-(. Also you can only plan cross-border journeys with the major maps of europe and not with the seperately installed detailed maps. Everybody seems very happy, but im so far very disappointed and will consider a proper build in Satnav.

Posted by niles on 2/12/2004
tomtom windows
yeah apparently cars with electrically heated front windscreens have trouble picking up a GPS signal (it's the fine mesh of wires running through the glass thats blocks i think). for all of us, without built in GPS and anti-mist windows tomTom still rules!

Posted by Mick on 2/12/2004
tomtom antenna
I'd suggest getting the external antenna even if you don't have reception problems. You can place the antenna in the desired location for best signal which means you can tuck the TomTom away, position it anywhere you like- out of sunlight for optimum safety and viewing.

Posted by Jim Daniels on 2/12/2004
built-in sat nav??
No reception problems with my car. I opted against a built in system because the tomtom is cheaper and a lot easier to use. It's much more flexible too - think about it. Can you connect the car manufacturer's system to your PC and add updates, speed cameras or who knows what else from enthusiasts on the internet? If you have concerns about the software at least with TomTom you stand a chance of getting an upgrade or a tweak that you can install yourself. TomTom is portable too, I can just pick it up and use it when walking. No contest.

Posted by GG on 2/12/2004
Many thanks, I bought the external antenna and fixed it behind the rearview window (according to TomTom this is the only area on the windshield where you can get reception). Have to admit, the thingy works brill now! I will stick to TT.

Posted by niles on 2/12/2004
GB Maps
Hi, live in Spain and my unit has Spain map included, as I need. However, off to UK in 10 days. How can I get a GB map before then ? Is it possible to download from anywhere onto my PC then put on card ?

Posted by Steve on 4/12/2004
TomTom GB Maps
Steve, think you'll have to buy the map on CD then transfer to your TomTom. I can only find the GB map as part of the 'maps of western europe' pack. Hope that helps!

Posted by dave on 4/12/2004
to the guy looking for maps. try isohunt.com or suprnova.org you can sometimes find TomTom Map CD images.

Posted by Lawrence Welch on 6/12/2004
External speaker output?
With its large screen, this device looks just the biz for fitting to my motorbike (possibly in a clear waetherproof casing). However, is there an output jack to an external speaker, in order that it could be plugged into a helmet speaker system?

Posted by Rick on 6/12/2004
external audio
There is a car kit which will provide audio out ( Power supply, Audio Out, Audio Mute, Audio In, Disconnection Signals, External Antenna)

I don't know if the car kit is on sale yet.

Posted by Brian on 7/12/2004
car kit docking system
TomTom say a docking system (car kit?) allowing you to connect the TomTom Go directly to your car's audio and power supply, will be available end of 2004. Should be out soon then. Sounds ideal, TTG will be integrated just like a built-in system but with the advantage of being able to undock and take it out. Presumably this will be able to connect to bikes too?

Posted by Dave on 7/12/2004
External audio
Dave/Brian, Thanks for the information. I'm sure I'll be able to adapt a docking kit to fit a motorbike. Will keep my eyes open for it becoming available.

Posted by Rick on 7/12/2004
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