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tom tom good answers

Posted by micky boy on 14/1/2006
TomTom One
Can you download the POI Speed camera database for free or do you have to subscribe?

Posted by Simon on 27/1/2006
Go 300
I'm off to Ireland in the summer for a boating holiday on the Shannon. Any idea's as to where I can find a maps for my Go 300? TA

Posted by tony on 2/2/2006
tomtom 1
TomTom One Can you download the POI Speed camera database for free or do you have to subscribe?

Posted by peter on 5/2/2006
Tom Tom go
I recently purchased a second hand unit, it worked for a day but now won't switch on- beginning to think its a hot one thats been blocked. Anyone have any idea how I can find out or how I get it repaired? Thanks

Posted by Naomi on 6/2/2006
TomTom switch on
(Naomi 6/2/06)- TomTom's can lock up sometimes. Try holding down the ON button whilst putting a straightened paperclip in the "reset" hole underneath.Make sure you have a full battery though.

Posted by Julian on 11/2/2006
tom tom one sd backup
I have backed up my sd card to my computer.then down loaded it onto another sd card, but i find that this will not then load into my tom tom one. can anyone let me know why this is.

Posted by tony on 14/2/2006
samsung d600 and tomtom compatability
i have recently purchased a tomtom 500 and a samsung d600 from carphone warehouse who told me they were compatable but they are not. does anyone know if anything can be unlocked to make them compatable or if there is another sat nav compatable with this handset.

Posted by mike on 25/2/2006
tomtom voices
anyone know where i can get hold of the ozzy osbourne voice for my tomtom? cheers!

Posted by dave on 26/2/2006
Re. TomTom voice
Try this link for voices http://www.celebrityvoices.co.uk/tom_tom_voices.htm

Posted by chris on 4/3/2006
speed cameras
what page do we need to go on to down load speed cameras for free

Posted by gaz on 4/3/2006
Street and Postcode Finder
We have found quite a few discrepancies in the map details, even though we have only been using the device (Go 700) for 3 days. Today was another example. It just does not have the capacity to find all addresses in London. It even got confused at Victoria Station, London yesterday!! And that IS a prime location. Where can I report this, so it can be put right in the future/updated in the program?

Posted by Anita Pinto on 22/3/2006
New TomToms
Any reason I should be looking at these new models or are the earlier batch still up to spec?

Posted by Dave on 11/5/2006
LPG stations europe map for TT500
HI!Could anybody help me to find LPG stations map in Europe,i've already got LPG map for UK,but going abroad and can't find smthing similar like for Germany,Holland,Belgium or France?Thanks for any advise!

Posted by Paul on 21/5/2006

Posted by on 31/5/2006
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