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Maps for TomTom 500
Hi Pete You need the Maps of Western Europe. 149 from - http://www.tomtom.com/products/accessories.php?Product=73&Context=1&Language=1

Posted by DRK on 29/7/2005
Tom Tom Go USA
If you have been offered one with USA Maps, it is either and import or the previous owner has purchased the maps seperately. (About 130)

Posted by Pontelad on 29/7/2005
tomtom 700 speed cameras
hi, just purchased tt 700, can anyone tell me how to add speed cameras, tried fllowing the info on page 1 but it doesnt relate to the 700, mny thanks

Posted by stuart on 30/7/2005
Page 20
Has this site gone AWOL again? There appears to have been no messages since 30/7/05!

Posted by Kingfisher on 17/8/2005
Travelling in Northern Ireland
I have bought the go 500 but now realise I should have bought the 700 as I plan to travel to Northern Ireland. How do I get the Northern Ireland maps FULL Maps as does it have to be a tom tom upgrate through them. Please help as I am about as techy as a butterfly preidie@yahoo.com

Posted by Pamela Reidie on 18/8/2005
I tried to download speed cameras, like the twerp I am I have deleted my maps, although I have back up on my computer and I drag & drop the files to my tom tom 300 go When I try to access the maps I gt a message No Maps Found, can anybody help a real dork?

Posted by jim haines on 19/8/2005
I have just ordered the TT300, I am going to Canada later in the year, are maps available, if so where can I get one. Thanks

Posted by Dom on 23/8/2005
700 speed cameras
Stuart, I'm not a 'Techie ' but the download info on page one worked really well on my 700 unit. I had no difficulty at all, I would try it again.

Posted by Phil on 13/9/2005
700 error
I recently travelled to Switzerland with my new 700. I must say I don't know how I would have managed without it. However I tried to navigate to a little town called Bellinzona, towards the Italian border before going through the St Gotthard tunnel fo an overnight stop. Surprised to say that it told me I had reached my destination in the middle of a tunnel ! This was the only hitch in a 2,600 mile journey across Europe!...Can anyone advise how I can inform Tom Tom of their error ?

Posted by Phil on 13/9/2005
External microphone for tom tom 700
Anyone help in locating an external microphone as TT say they don't sell them??

Posted by Graham on 17/9/2005
no signal
i left my house in notts to travel down to london but got no satelite at all is my tomtom broke or do i just need to buy an antenna i did briefly get 1 satelite for about half a second can someone help

Posted by andy on 26/9/2005
Speed camera's
Do I really have to buy an ACMains adapter in order to install speed cameras on to my TT300 as suggested in 'Idiots Guide to..'? All help appreciated.

Posted by Dave on 26/9/2005
software accuracy
i had a navman icn520,im a taxi driver and rely on accuracy,this unit was telling me i was in an estate in aberdeen,when i was driving near glasgow,the street names were all mixed up,how accurate is the ttg 500 software

Posted by jim on 26/9/2005
It was bought for me and found that it directed me sucessfully to a number of locations with ease for me.

Posted by Dick Fuller on 28/9/2005
Does anyone know how to get a map for Isle of Man on SD card for the TT 300?

Posted by Barrie on 9/10/2005
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