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I'd have thought any would do, there aren't any coach specific functions.
Does he travel through europe - if so get the 700.

Posted by Dave on 16/5/2005
US Maps
Can anyone confirm that the TomTom Go will have US maps available? I know the product will be sold in the States but need the maps when travelling there.

Posted by Ross on 17/5/2005
US maps
Of course it will.

Posted by Gawain on 17/5/2005
Just writing to say how brilliant my TomTom is it arrived yesterday. It was really easy to set up. From sitting in my car with it in the box, it must've taken all of 30 seconds to be using it. It really is incredibly easy. Best thing I've ever bought. I'd buy it for the speed cameras alone.

Thats all :)

Posted by New Tomtom owner on 17/5/2005
tomtom go 700's big harddrive
to the guy asking if the 700 has street level detail in Italy. The answer according to TomTom is a big YES! It has a 2.5gig harddrive installed with street level maps of western Europre! 2.5gb gets you a lot of map!

Posted by Dan on 17/5/2005
TTG 500 or 700? - Which one to buy?
Hi, I would appreciate some advice on which of these 2 models (500 or 700) to purchase. The only difference between these two models that I can see (apart from price of course) is the amount of memory each has. The TTG 700 has a built in hardrive (2.5gb), now, my question is, would this make the unit significantly heavier than the 500 model which has only an SD card? Also, does the TTG 700 have a SD memory card slot (in addition to its Hardrive)? Also, how big is the SD memory card that comes with the TTG 500, is it big enough to add and store more maps(eg Entire Europe, USA), Speed cameras, POIs...etc to or would I have to buy another memory card if I wanted to add all this? If anyone can shed some light on this, I would be most grateful.

So, in conclusion, which model do you guys recommend, the TTG 500 or 700?
Btw, the cost is no issue.

Sorry for all the questions and thanks in advance for your help.

Posted by James D. on 18/5/2005
TTG 500 or 700? - Which one to buy?
If cost is no issue then go for the 700! I wish I could afford it. I don't know if it takes SD cards or not, but who cares, with 2.5gb to play with you won't need them. You can plug it into your PC to update, add, or delete the maps you're never going to use.
just my thoughts :)

Posted by Gaz on 18/5/2005
Model and sd card size
I have a Tom Tom Go but how do I find out which model and the size of the Sd card. thanks

Posted by Ka on 18/5/2005
700's weight problem
What a good question. I'd have thought the 700 would be a little heavier due to its drive. Drives aren't that heavy so as you'd notice the extra weight. I carry a 20gig ipod around and that weighs next to nothing.

Posted by Dan on 18/5/2005
A Few Questions If You Please :-)
Hi, I'm seriously considering buying a Tom Tom Go, but I have several questions I was hoping I could get answered here. I know many of these questions have probably been answered before, but with the V5 update, I'm not sure how up to date they are. I appreciate any help.

1. Does the Go come with a separate software program like Garminís do, where you can set up trips and whatnot and then download it to the Go?

2. Will the updated map database that is supposed to be released this summer reflect the new data that came from TeleAtlas buying GDT?

3. What are/will be the real world benefits of the Go 700ís faster processor and memory?

5. I have a SE P910i Bluetooth mobile phone, which isnít listed as supported on the Goís website. Does this mean it will not work, or will I just have to set it up manually?

6. On the Go, when setting up a destination, is there a way to specify that you want to include a particular road (or roads) in the route? Conversely, can to exclude a particular road from the route?

7. Will the Go tell you which lane to get in, or be in, to make an upcoming turn?

8. Iíve heard the Go speaks distances in yards. Is there any way to change this to another measurement?

9. Will the Go speak the name or number of an upcoming exit?

10. Is it true the Go 300/700 have a better anti-reflective screen?

Posted by Natasha on 18/5/2005
700's weight problem
TomTom GO Weights taken directly from TomTom's web site :

TomTom Go 300 - 11oz -
TomTom GO 500 - 310 grams -
TomTom GO 700 - 310 grams -

We can therefore conclude the 700 and 500 weigh the same, surely that can't be right, can it? Someone buy 2 and weigh up. ;)

Posted by Dave on 18/5/2005
TTG 500 or 700? - Which one to buy?
the more data you store, the heavier it gets ;)

Posted by Gaz on 18/5/2005
Link to Radio?
Is there any way of linking my TTG300 so that the voice will come out of the radio? Probably a stupid question...if so ...sorry!!! Really pleased with my 300 !!!!!

Posted by Stuart on 19/5/2005
Link to Radio?
Not such a stupid question. I heard TomTom were bringing out a Car Kit that let you integrate the TomTom GO in your car. It consisted of a new dock that would plug into your radio + an external antenna. TomTom would then lower the radio volume when in use.

What happened to this car dock? I heard about it last year. Is it out now?

Posted by Baz on 19/5/2005
TTG Weight Issue
11oz equals 311g, so the TTG 300 is in fact heavier and its only the basic model....

Posted by Andy on 19/5/2005
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