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TomTom Go - Reviews & Discussion

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TTG 500 versus PDA with Nav 3
Repeat query - has anyone got experience of both TTG and PDA with Navigator 3 code ? What is the preference / pros and cons as price-wise the PDA appears a cheaper solution ? Appreciate any feedback before committing to a TTG 500. Thanks, Dave N

Posted by DaveN on 5/5/2005
TTG versus PDA
I'd say GO offers a much simpler package (basically just plug in and go) whereas your PDA needs all kinds of setting up and what not. Also isn't the TomTom GO a little more up to date with maps and also, as its a dedicated unit, faster at processing than the PDA version. In its defence a PDA can do other things, not just a one trick pony like the GO.

Posted by Geoff on 5/5/2005
TomTom GO or PDA?
PDA with Navigator 3 code. Assuming that 3 is the version number, isn't TomTom GO (ttg 300,500,700) now up to version 5? For that reason alone I'd stick with the TomTom GO rather than clunky PDA.

Posted by GPYes! on 5/5/2005
PDA or TomTom
PDA is much cheaper for the reason that its old, and as the previous poster said 'clunky' - remember you'll need to install the tomtom software, plug in the GPS unit - which means wires trailing around the car. With the TomTom GO this is all built in. The graphics aren't as good on the PDA. But if you want a cheap solution then a PDA version might be for you.

Posted by Daniel on 5/5/2005
which PDA?
I'm warming to a PDA just because of the price + its a PDA - which means can do other things with it. I don't care about all the wires in he car, or that it might be out of date.

Can anyone recommened a good PDA/Ipaq unit?

Posted by Dave on 5/5/2005
TTG versus PDA
Thanks to all for the considered thoughts. As I don't *really* need a PDA, I guess the stand-alone TTG looks more manageable - problem now is to select the right one ! Thanks again guys, Dave N

Posted by DaveN on 5/5/2005
TomTom Go
I've just been down south to play Golf with my friend who was showing off his new "Toy" Tom Tom Go - It got us there & back no problem - we put it through it's paces by coming off the route to miss traffic - it re-routed in seconds. The thing that sold me was the Speed camera warning. I'm now looking to buy one but find the new 300 is out. So far I haven't found anyones adverts refering to the speed cameras. Can you get them on the 300? Also I see there is no mains Charger so presumably you have to have it plugged in all the time. Is this correct as I use my cig lighter for my mobile phone cheap handsfree kit.

Posted by Adie on 5/5/2005
RE: TomTom GO
It's battery powered so you don't need it plugged in all the time. Also if you go for the 500 it will also act as a handsfree device for your phone - very useful. And yes, the speed camera Points Of Interest will work with any of the TTG range.

Posted by GPSMan on 6/5/2005
Tom Tom 300
Im considering the purchase of the TT300.
Is it truely as easy as described on various websites?
Is it true that the standard purchase will enable me to find ALL UK destinations? even by post code?
Regional Map - does this mean the whole of UK?
Map updates - frequency? & free?

Posted by Keith on 6/5/2005
TomTom Go 300
As somebody who has tried all sorts of in-car electrickery over the years, the TTG 300 is in a class of its own. It was so simple to set up I had it done in minutes. It makes me smile how simple it is to find an address - you can do it either by full post code or city, street, etc. It really is the easiest thing to do.

Speed (safety) cameras works a treat - and it does mobile camera sites as well. You know as you drive around your local area you get to know where the mobile cameras sit - I was amazed that the TTG database seems to have every single one of them on as well. So as you approach, you get a warning (a warning that an accident black spot is coming up of course - because as we all know, cameras are only sited at accident black spots!!)

It is the best piece of kit I have bought in ages. Worth every penny.

Posted by John on 6/5/2005
Tomtom go 'Maps of Western Europe'
I frequently use these maps in France and Belgium. Whilst I am very pleased with them I find the lack of interface between countries a pain in the derriere. I have to find a border crossing, which may not be the best, and navigate to it in France then change maps then navigate from the same border point to my destination in Belgium. does anyone have any info if the 'new' maps have been improved to allow seamless border crossings. I so how does it work to reduce the need to change maps.

Posted by Ray Little on 6/5/2005
TomTom Go Range
I want to buy a TTG 500 for my wife's car, however I am concerned that due to the car having a heated front screen the TTG 500 won't work properly. I nearly bought the old TTG, but it clearly said on the box that it does not work in a car with front screen heating. Is the new one any different, or are there other 'plug n play' systems that will work ? Any ideas

Posted by Rich D on 6/5/2005
TomTom 300 Go
I have got one of the new TomTom 300's on order, however I do have one question. If I fill up the memory card with POI's, can I transfer POI's, Maps and all to a new bigger memory car. Or are the maps protected against copying??? Thanks

Posted by Emalf on 8/5/2005
external antanna
when I got my antanna i went to National Windscreens and had it fitted by them, Since then I have been asked or 7 times where it Is as nobody can see it. the TomTom was the best thing I got for me it was money well spent. money

Posted by Medic 1 on 8/5/2005
TT 700 release date
Bollocks, excuse the french, im doing a masive roadtrip in europe firstly to the F1 in monaco then to the german grand prix a week later! problem is ileave this sunday 15th May the TT700 is not due for release untill the 10th June right? anyone know where i can get one before then???

Posted by Paul on 9/5/2005
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