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assisted navigation (tunnels)
If the signal is lost (i.e in a tunnel)The Standard TTG continues to track at the same speed at which you wre travelling at the time of signal loss. On emerging from a tunnel there may be a slight jump whilst the cursor calibrates to the true gps location. hope that helps.

Posted by ab on 23/4/2005
Mike... p2p = peer to peer. Usually illegal file sharing programs. Used mostly to download mp3s, games, and movies.

Posted by Pete on 23/4/2005
Thanks for the explanation of Assisted Satellite Navigation. Most helpful. If the TomTom is effectively just guessing at your location during signal loss. I think I'll go for the TOM TOM GO 300 without it

Posted by Tony on 23/4/2005
upgradable 700
Will the new tomtom 700 with pre-installed maps be upgradable? as the other versions have sd cards which can be upgraded.

Posted by WAK on 25/4/2005
700 upgradable
I thought the 700 also came with an SD slot? Either way, you'll be able connect the TomTom to your PC and update software/maps on the drive that way.

Posted by Garth on 25/4/2005
I have a TomtomGo Classic and find the ASN very useful. You would think that coming out of a tunnel you get GPS connection back immediately. Nope. Sometimes it can take a good 4 minutes to return, and during that time many a wrong turn can be taken! So ASN for me is a real feature. It not only works in tunnels, but whenever you lose your gps signal (which happens a fair bit). I for one dont want to lose the feature, so will buy the 500 - the bluetooth handsfree makes a lot of sense.

Posted by Michelleski on 26/4/2005
Classic TTG
I tried to download v5 from the TT website, but my unit still shows v4.42. Any ideas/help appreciated.

Posted by Phil on 27/4/2005
tom tom go
can anyone tell me if theese work through a heated front screen,i have a mondeo 1.8 zetec 2001,

Posted by shaun on 27/4/2005
motorbikes and tomtom
looking to buy a portable gps nav system which needs to be bike and car compatable and must have speed camera plotting, any recomendations? thanks, richard

Posted by tricky595 on 27/4/2005

Posted by mick c on 28/4/2005
There's a page here : Maps of France on SD

Posted by Dave on 28/4/2005
TT 700
I am looking to travel to italy ( Via France Germany and Switzerland in August. can someone advise as to whether which TomTom to buy in readiness for my journey ? I am looking at the TT700 but was wondering whether ther was a cheaper option ?

Posted by Phil on 28/4/2005
Speed cameras for the Navman
Please can you advise.
Can the download for speed cameras for the TOM TOM Go, be used with the Navman ?
We have both TOM TOM and Navman.

Posted by Robert on 29/4/2005
Speed cameras for the Navman
If your Navman can handle POIs you should be able to install the speed cameras. But the Navman uses a differently formatted database, so you won't be able to use the same download as for the Tom Tom.
believe the speed camera databases are the same but they are just formatted differently depending on the device.
This site has the speed camera downloads available and gives some useful informationhttp://www.pocketgpsworld.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=17702

This other site has a useful shareware program that allows you to manage all your POIs on your own PC. With it you can Save, load, convert and edit TomTom Navigator, Smartpath, Destinator*, Navman*, GPX, Excel etc...
Hope that is of some help.

Posted by Jack Raider on 29/4/2005
safety camera download for tomtom go 300
I've noticed that there is a safety camera download on this website for the tomtom go. Will this download work with the new tomtom go 300?

Posted by Tim Kirk on 29/4/2005
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