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  TomTom Go!

Complete car navigation solution that works straight from the box!

Nowadays, people are constantly on the move. In an increasingly mobile world, people rely more and more on personal navigation products as a vital tool to facilitate mobility. With illuminated maps and voice-guidance systems, personal navigation products are a natural transition to paperless navigation. Getting directions has never been so stress-free.

GPS (Global Positioning Systems) navigation systems give you spot-on navigation, wherever you are and are as easy to use as a mobile phone. And if you need to re-route your journey - to avoid congestion, road works or traffic accidents - GPS navigation systems can do this for you automatically.

Tom Tom Features

  • All-in-one car navigation system with software, maps, GPS and car mount
  • Works straight out of the box just turn it on and GO
  • Clear spoken instructions in your language
  • Crystal-clear 3D or 2D views
  • Night mode setting - no bright glare
  • 1000s of points of interests preprogrammed
  • Easy to fit and remove
  • Long-life rechargeable battery and cigarette lighter connector
  • Easy to use touch-screen

  • Easy to Install and Use

    TomTom has leveraged its expertise to make TomTom GO the easiest to install and the easiest to use navigation device ever. With TomTom GO there is no need for a set-up linked to a PC - in fact no technical knowledge is needed at all. It fits easily into the included car mounting kit, which is simply mounted on your car windshield or dashboard. It could not be easier to use: just turn it on and users can instantly access all the software, maps and colour 3D navigation views, as well as voice-guided instructions in a choice of languages.

    By using TomTom GO's unique touch screen activation there is no hassle with multiple buttons or extra hardware when calculating your route. The touch screen is completely intuitive and your route can be planned with just a few taps on the screen.

    At the end of the journey, simply turn TomTom GO off with the click of one button then pop it in your bag. There has never been a faster or easier way to navigate your way to where you have to, or want to go.

    Uninterruped Navigation

    TomTom GO features a built-in GPS receiver that provides unprecedented new levels of satellite navigation using the latest hardware and software available on the market. For the first time ever in such an affordable all-on-one navigation device, TomTom GO will feature Assisted Satellite Navigation. Assisted Satellite Navigation will provide virtually uninterrupted navigation in tunnels and urban canyons.

    Sleek Design

    An increasing number of mobile people want more than just state of the art technology, design is just as important as functionality. With TomTom GO, TomTom has mirrored this trend and carefully crafted an ergonomically designed product that is compact, stylish and unobtrusive, whatever car you drive.

    New Wave of Personal Navigation

  • TomTom GO provides up to 5 hours of constant navigation, powered by its Lithium-ion battery. TomTom GO is the only all-in-one navigation system that can offer this level of battery operation, effectively eliminating the need for loose power cables.
  • TomTom GO features a 3.5" transflective display screen that gives clear visibility in any situation from direct sunlight to low light conditions. TomTom GO also features TomTom's unique 3D and top down view that makes the navigation experience more true to life and interactively than many built-in car GPS systems. The intuitive interface is focused, extremely legible and omits extraneous details.
  • TomTom GO's enhanced, CD-quality speaker volume provides crystal clear sound that allows you to hear the voice instructions above the noise of the engine.

  • What's in the box?

  • TomTom Go Satellite Navigation Unit with integrated GPS Receiver
  • 128MB SD Pre-loaded with Maps of GB
  • Car mount
  • Car Power Supply
  • AC Power Supply with UK and European Plug
  • USB PC Connection Cable
  • CD ROM Containing European Map
  • User Guide

  • Technical Specification

    Processor: 200MHz ARM920T
    Screen: 3.5" 320x240 colour TFT LCD
    Memory: 32mb RAM
    Battery: Internal Li-Ion
    Memory Card: SD including software and maps
    GPS Receiver: Built in antenna, 12 channels All in view tracking
    GPS Assisted Satellite Navigation: Determination of location outside GPS coverage
    Sound: Internal loud speaker
    Power Supply : Universal Mains Adapter and/or cigarette lighter plug
    PC Connection: Via mini-USB cable
    Dimensions: 116mm x 91.6mm x 67.6mm
    Weight: 310g

    Don't get lost this Christmas!

    With the TomTom Go! now available at 399.99, well below the RRP of 500, it's tipped to be this Christmas' best seller. Avoid the Christmas sell out and order yours now.

    Tom Tom Go Price Comparison

    TomTom ONE (Regional Great Britain)

    SellerDescriptionPriceDeliveryTrue Price
    DixonsTomTom ONE regional - New Edition (V2)172.02Free172.02
    CometTomTom ONE regional - New Edition (V2)174.45Free174.45
    AmazonTomTom ONE regional - New Edition (V2)184.68Free184.68
    PC WorldTomTom ONE regional - New Edition (V2)185.00Free185.00
    JessopsTomTom ONE regional - New Edition (V2)199.99Free199.99

    TomTom ONE (Europe)

    SellerDescriptionPriceDeliveryTrue Price
    tecnoTomTom ONE Europe - New Edition (V2)216.68Free216.68
    DixonsTomTom ONE Europe - New Edition (V2)216.70Free216.70
    SatNav2UTomTom ONE Europe - New Edition (V2)216.70Free216.70
    CometTomTom ONE Europe - New Edition (V2)226.49Free226.49
    JessopsTomTom ONE Europe - New Edition (V2)269.99Free269.99

    TomTom GO 510

    SellerDescriptionPriceDeliveryTrue Price
    JessopsGPS Sat Nav System252.84Free252.84
    CometGPS Sat Nav System259.92Free259.92
    SatNav2u.comGPS Sat Nav System279.95Free279.95
    pixmaniaGPS Sat Nav System283.206.00289.2
    PIXmaniaGPS Sat Nav System290.004.80294.8
    John LewisGPS Sat Nav System299.00Free299.00
    Nav CityGPS Sat Nav System299.99Free299.99
    Dabs.comGPS Sat Nav System305.507.00312.5
    Computer WarehouseGPS Sat Nav System347.80Free347.80

    TomTom GO 910

    SellerDescriptionPriceDeliveryTrue Price
    satnav2u.comGPS Sat Nav System320.79Free320.79
    pixmaniaGPS Sat Nav System329.006.90335.9
    DixonsGPS Sat Nav System332.74Free332.74
    CometGPS Sat Nav System349.92Free349.92
    Global Positioning SystemsGPS Sat Nav System349.95Free349.95
    DabsGPS Sat Nav System382.997.00389.99
    NavcityGPS Sat Nav System399.99Free399.99

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