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ImagePackard Bell Compasseo
This month sees the introduction of two new GPS devices from Packard Bell.

ImageNew Mio C510E
The latest from Mitac is the new Mio C510E

Image1 Second Fix With New GPS Chip
New GPS chip, the u-blox 5, boasts Galileo compatibility and a 1 second TTFF

ImageTomTom 910s hit with virus
TomTom has confirmed 910s shipped with viruses

ImageGarmin ETrex GPS Navigator
The Etrex is a cheap GPSr ideal for outdoor use.

ImageAmaryllo Purity Bluetooth receiver
A bluetooth GPS system using the new SiRFstar III LP chipset

ImageMedion GoPal 210
At 99 the GoPal 210 must be the cheapest SiRF Star III sat nav around?

ImageNavman F20
The F20 is a simple, easy to use GPS.

ImageGarmin Street Pilot C550
The StreetPilot C550 is Garmin's answer to TomTom's top of the range 910 model

ImageMitac Mio C250 DigiWalker
Mio's budget GPS unit at around 170 but packing some really nice features.

ImageGarmin Forerunner 101
The Forerunner 101 offers walkers and runners an entry-level GPS trainer device.

ImageNokia 330 Auto Navigation
The 330 Auto Navigation is Nokia's first entry into dedicated satellite navigation.

ImageSony nav-u NV-U51 and NV-U71T
Sony attempts to crack the TomTom market with its new NV-U51

ImageGarmin Nuvi 300
The nuvi 300 is a GPS navigator and digital entertainment system, all in one.

ImageTomTom ONE New Edition
A year on from the original ONE, this new release sees some significant changes

ImageThe New Mio H610
The new Mitac Mio H610, due end of October

ImageMitac Mio P350 And P550
Brief overview of the Mio P350 and P550

ImageGarmin Streetpilot i3
Despite its size the i3 will perform many of the functions of a normal sized device.

ImageTomTom One
TomTom's One based on the TomTom GO 300 but with a few extras...

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ImageAutoroute 2007
Latest incarnation of Microsoft's popular Autoroute software

ImageHow To : Create Your Own POIs
We show you how to create Points Of Interest for your GPS navigator

ImageMemory-Map Review
3D Views, OS Maps, GPS support: lose yourself in this mapping software.

By Jane. November 26, 2008

Is AA Autoroute 2007 the last release for this well loved software?

Originally created in the late 1980s by UK company NextBase. It was a clunky old DOS application to begin with, yet extremely impressive. I fondly remember installing it from seemingly hundreds of floppy discs onto an old 386 machine. It was later ported to Windows and then, as is often the case with successful software, quickly bought up by Microsoft in 1994. In it's day A a Autoroute was a must have, something that you'd keep on your hard drive just in case ever you wanted to know the location of a weird looking postcode or the slowest route to an unwanted visit to relatives.

Close to 20 years later, in these days of free online maps and tiny sized GPS mapping devices in our cars, PDAs and even phones - You might well wonder what the age old classic Autoroute has to offer.

Well, to start off, GPS works very well with Auto route but, unless you like lugging a heavy PC around, probably only worth using on a laptop and even then best restricted to passenger use, not one for the driver. A win there for new fangled Tomtom style GPS devices then.

Unlike online maps of course, you have the mapping data permanently installed to your hard drive, taking up gigabytes of drive space offers surely an advantage in speed. Sure enough the maps pan smoothly and load quicker than their on-line counterparts but the maps do look old and tired compared to the smooth lines of googlemaps for instance.

Do we need DVD based aa auto route in a 21st century with super fast broadband and everyone slowly moving to 'the cloud? The answer, probably not. Which is maybe why Microsoft has decided to drop Autoroute, at least from the UK, the last version being Autoroute 2007.

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