Steves indispensible guide to Contract and Long Term Hire

Some of the sneaky ways contract and long term lease hire firms may use to make their prices look artificially low

If you know about these you can make a balanced decison and not wake up to some nasty surprises later, forwarned is forarmed.

1.) Are replacement tyres included as part of the maintenance package ?
Read the small print in the contract - some other contract hire companies will artificially reduce their prices by not including replacement tyres in a full maintenance package. A full set of tyres for a transit van may set you back x number of per annum. With our maintenance package, replacement tyres are included in the price.

2.) Disguising the number of payments they quote you
For example for a one year contract some companies will ask for :- 3 monthly payments upfront in advance, followed by 11 payments. They will then tell you you are only paying 300 a month
With our package there would only be 12 payments on a pay as you go basis. We might charge 318 a month.
At first sight you may think the first deal is better, but it's not !
Their deal 3 + 11 at 300 = 14 x 300 = 4200 (in reality you are paying 350 a month)
Our deal 0 + 12 at 318 = 12 x 300 = 3816 (only 318 a month)

3.) When things go wrong - what kind of support network is there? Will you get a new vehicle or have to wait for hours or even days to get repaired ? will you even get a replacement vehicle?
This a very common problem - You must check your replacement vehicle package. Some companies only offer a 24hr or 48hr package or none at all. With us you will never be off the road - with a network of over 25 depots throughout the UK we have the resources to get you running again at the scene or supply you with an immediate replacement vehicle free of charge.

4.) If you have shopped around and got some quotes to look over - don't forget to ring me for a quote !

The best piece of advice I can give you - is to ring me for a quote !

Co-ordinated from our offices in Doncaster and York we can deliver a vehicle(s) to your door anywhere in the UK. We are also supported by a network of over 25 depots throughout the UK so we are never far away.

For a fast and friendly quote ring...
Steve Martin on Mobile: 07970 564120 at Fastline Transport Ltd.

Whether its one van for just 1 month or a fleet of 50 for 3 years, give me a ring
I can usually give you a price and delivery time in seconds.

Whatever your scenario give me a call. We can supply a small car up to an 18 tonne truck. We also specialise in Welfare vehicles. Maybe you have an existing contract with another company or you buy your vehicles, give me a call - we may well be able to beat it on price, I'm almost certain we will be able to beat it on flexibility and service !
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