Sony Nav-u NV-U51 And NV-U71T

By Bartoni in GPS. October 29, 2006

As Christmas approaches Sony bids to crack the cheaper end TomTom market with its 'nav-u', or rather uninspiringly titled 'NV-U51'. It contains 512Mb RAM loaded with maps of the UK or there's a more expensive 2Gb Euro Maps 'NV-U71T' model.

Both models will include the SiRF Star III chip-set, which is becoming the standard chip-set in all sat navs these days, and as we all know by now offers exceptional sensitivity and first fix times. At 32mm it's slimmer than its predecessor but not quite as slender as the new TomTom ONE's 25mm.

nav-u sticks impressively to windscreens,<br/> apparently.
nav-u sticks impressively to windscreens,

New is the 'Gesture Command' which allows us to wave our fingers around the screen to select frequently used commands such as 'points of interest' or 'take me home now please'. Easier, it's claimed, than scrolling through large lists while driving. The idea is that it'll keep our eyes on the road and not on the 3.5inch anti glare screen. Included is a one month free subscription to updated camera locations and expect the usual points of interest to be available.

The higher end model, 'NV-U71T', contains some interesting kit to monitor RDS TMC (Traffic Message Channel) radio signals which enables it to grab real time traffic info and dynamically alter routes accordingly. This feature is optional in the U51

Both models include a new mount which contains 'high-adhesion flexible gel'. This goo apparently sticks better in cold weather.

Unfortunately there's no MP3 or video playback here, unlike some of the other new sat-nav Christmas arrivals. Expect both Sony models to be available sometime this December, probably at a sub 300 price for the NVU51.

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High Sony Prices Sony tend to price themselves out of the market I'd expect more than 300 for the lower end model. The onscreen semi transparant graphics look very nice though -- but possibly just a mockup?Posted by TaffOctober 29, 2006
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