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AA Route Planner 2008

Since Autoroute 2007 is beginning to look dated now and with no plans in the pipeline for a 2009 update it seems, we're desperately looking for an alternative to our favourite route-planner but does AA Route Planner 2008 take... Read More
Posted 13 May, 2009

Microsoft Autoroute 2007

Going to Europe? Use Microsoft AutoRoute 2007, the customizable route planning software that provides accurate driving directions and helps you easily explore new areas, so you can make the most of your trip in Europe. With m... Read More
Posted 14 December, 2006

How To Create Your Own POIs With

A POI, in the GPS world, stands for 'Point Of Interest', they are used with GPS navigation devices such as the popular TomTom and others. The idea is that you load your GPS device with various POI files and, as you drive a... Read More
Posted 21 October, 2006

Memory-Map Review

Memory-Map offers awarding winning software, aparently accredited by none other than the Duke of Edinburgh, for both PC and Windows Mobile / Pocket PC and offers full coverage of Great Britain down to the incredibly detai... Read More
Posted 13 October, 2006

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