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AA Route Planner 2008

Since Autoroute 2007 is beginning to look dated now and with no plans in the pipeline for a 2009 update it seems, we're desperately looking for an alternative to our favourite route-planner but does AA Route Planner 2008 take... Read More
Posted 13 May, 2009

Garmin Release Nuvifone Screenshots

The nuivfone will be Garmins first entrance into mobile phone market. Being Garmin it will be a combination GPS / Mobile device. “The nüvifone is an all-in-one device offering unmatched integratio... Read More
Posted 3 January, 2009

Binatone X350 GPS Review

This is one of the cheapest entry level Sat Navs around in the UK at the moment. The X350 has a nice expensive looking black and silver casing with an SD slot, mini USB, 3.5mm headphone jack, a TMC socket and ... Read More
Posted 5 December, 2008

TomTom GO 940 Live

The Tomtom GO 940 Live is the latest in TomTom's well established range of sat nav devices. The Tomtom comes with a new version of its IQ routing system which takes actual travel time data into consideration when pl... Read More
Posted 3 November, 2008

Packard Bell Compasseo

This month sees the introduction of two new GPS devices from Packard Bell. The Compasseo 810 and 830 have increased screen sizes from 3.5 inches, in their 500 and 600 models, to 4 inches. The 830 has built i... Read More
Posted 23 May, 2007

New Mio C510E

The latest from Mitac is the new Mio C510E There's some great new mapping capabilities with their new Mio Map V3 software, in particular the panning and zooming is very slick indeed with no waiting for screen redraws as yo... Read More
Posted 19 February, 2007

1 Second Fix With New GPS Ublox-5 Chip

u-blox have announced a new GPS chip, called u-blox 5, which will be launched at the 3GSM later this month. This new chip boasts an amazing 1 second TTFF (Time to first fix), high sensitivity at -160 dBm and very low power co... Read More
Posted 3 February, 2007

TomTom 910s Hit With Virus

There are reports of two trojans (via the site, the win32.Perlovga.A Trojan and TR/Drop.Small.qp, found on a brand new T... Read More
Posted 29 January, 2007

Garmin ETrex GPS Personal Navigator

Although the world is full of TomToms and other all singing/dancing multimedia rich GPS navigators lately. There's still a lot to be said for the older, smaller and less advanced GPS receivers like the eTrex. Running fr... Read More
Posted 24 January, 2007

Amaryllo Purity Bluetooth GPS Receiver

New for 2007 from Dutch company Amaryllo is this bluetooth GPS receiver, Purity. Purity uses the satellite signals from the GPS system to determine the current location on earth with a high accuracy, tracking 20 ... Read More
Posted 4 January, 2007

Medion GoPal PNA 210 - Cheapest SiRF Star III Sat Nav

The GoPal must be one of the lowest priced navigation systems around. You can currently pick this up for just £99 from PC World on-line (£129.99 in store), which surely makes it the cheapest SiRFStarIII device at the moment. ... Read More
Posted 16 December, 2006

Microsoft Autoroute 2007

Going to Europe? Use Microsoft AutoRoute 2007, the customizable route planning software that provides accurate driving directions and helps you easily explore new areas, so you can make the most of your trip in Europe. With m... Read More
Posted 14 December, 2006

Navman F20

The F20 is a simple, easy to use GPS. There's no fancy MP3 playback or bluetooth, this unit is straight forward and simple to use. In particular the nearest petrol and parking buttons on the side on the device are brilliant, ... Read More
Posted 1 December, 2006

Garmin Street Pilot C550 SatNav

The StreetPilot C550 is Garmin's answer to TomTom's top of the range 910 model and has all the same features, although C550 does have a slightly smaller screen, along with additional free traffic alerts. The StreetPiolt... Read More
Posted 21 November, 2006

Mitac Mio C250 DigiWalker

Another new arrival for Christmas, the Mitac Mio C250 DigiWalker, is Mio's budget GPS unit at around £170 but with some great features. Just 110 grams in weight and at 23.5mm x 81mm x 107.43mm it's one of the lightest around,... Read More
Posted 8 November, 2006

Garmin Forerunner 101

The Forerunner 101 offers athletes and recreational walkers and runners an entry-level personal training device with GPS. It measures speed, distance, pace and calories burned, and runs on 2 AAA batteries. The F... Read More
Posted 3 November, 2006

Nokia Enters Dedicated GPS Market

The 330 Auto Navigation is Nokia's first entry into dedicated satellite navigation with a price point aimed squarely at the TomToms and recently anno... Read More
Posted 30 October, 2006

Sony Nav-u NV-U51 And NV-U71T

As Christmas approaches Sony bids to crack the cheaper end TomTom market with its 'nav-u', or rather uninspiringly titled 'NV-U51'. It contains 512Mb RAM loaded with maps of the UK or there's a more expensive 2Gb Euro Maps 'N... Read More
Posted 29 October, 2006

Garmin Nuvi 300

Featuring the very latest SiRF Star III chipset, the nuvi 300 is a portable GPS navigator, traveller's reference, and digital entertainment system, all in one. Combined with detailed maps, the nuvi provides automatic routing,... Read More
Posted 27 October, 2006

How To Create Your Own POIs With

A POI, in the GPS world, stands for 'Point Of Interest', they are used with GPS navigation devices such as the popular TomTom and others. The idea is that you load your GPS device with various POI files and, as you drive a... Read More
Posted 21 October, 2006

TomTom ONE New Edition

It's been a year since the release of the best selling entry level TomTom. Version two of this popular device sees some significant changes both cosmetically and internally. You will immediately notice that the new Tom... Read More
Posted 17 October, 2006

Memory-Map Review

Memory-Map offers awarding winning software, aparently accredited by none other than the Duke of Edinburgh, for both PC and Windows Mobile / Pocket PC and offers full coverage of Great Britain down to the incredibly detai... Read More
Posted 13 October, 2006

The New Mio H610

The H610 is the latest in a long line of sat nav devices from Mitac. But with its flowery cover and diminutive size there's clearly something a little special about their H610. As well as sat nav the H610 w... Read More
Posted 12 October, 2006

Mitac Mio P350 And P550

The Mitac Mio P350 is a Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC capable of doing all those things PDAs do; play videos & music, run Microsoft Pocket Office, games etc. and, thanks to the built in GPS receiver, satellite navigation too. ... Read More
Posted 12 October, 2006

Garmin Streetpilot I3

This thing is tiny, about the size of a baseball according to Garmin, which may well translate to the cricket ball for us in the UK, or if you're not feeling very sporty about 7.5cm wide and 7cm tall. Despite it... Read More
Posted 24 July, 2006

The New TomTom ONE

Based on the massive hit the TomTom Go 300, the One is basically the same unit if a little smaller with a few extras including bluetooth and a better GPS receiver. The 20 channel SiRF Star III chipset is renowned for its ... Read More
Posted 9 November, 2005